Thursday, June 5, 2014

New Space!!

Hey! Long time no see!

I'm making strides here on the website side of things… you can now find me HERE :)

Monday, January 13, 2014

Updates as of late...

Hm. Not too many updates… I've been traveling, wedding thinking & planning, and organizing things around the house. I haven't had many things to blog about, but it's been in the back of head my that I really need to get back at it!

I had a lovely Christmas relaxing at home for a week. Most of my wonderful family was in town to celebrate and spend the days with...  always my favorite! This year was obviously different though. Derek and I split up our time with his family and mine. We drove around a lot and got a ton of congrats over the holidays! So this Christmas, I was thankful for my new family and their traditions! I love the idea of combining new and old when Derek and I create Christmas memories for our kids (not for awhile folks).

For New Years, Derek's parents treated the kids and their significant others to a vacation in Florida! YAY - Sunshine and warmth! It was much need :) and much appreciated!!

One of my fave's is the last one, the Burtch family cheesin'!!

{ First time sugar cooking baking' with the Wessels }

{ Chsristmas Eve }

{ Thanks Michelle! }

{ Christmas on Doten }

{ Biking on Sanibel Island }

{ Sand, sun, and rainbows }

{ Parasailing and paddle boarding!! }

{ i love the beach }

{ Many lovely dinners out }

{ Travis & Blythe }

{ NYE }

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Sunday evening, Derek asked me to marry him and I said YES! He had the whole thing planned for weeks. Weeks!? I couldn't believe his creativity, thoughtfulness, and shear element of surprise. He done me good, real good…. Would you like to hear how!?

A week ago Derek told me that we were going to this little event at the Zoo. I assumed it was the Columbus Zoo Lights event, but he also mentioned his friend works with some of the animals and we would get to pet a few of the small ones. The weather was terrible, so windy and rainy, so they closed zoo lights early. He told me not to worry, we can still see the baby animals! Of course I was on board. So a couple of friends (Courtney, Kyle, & Joey) came with us. So the evening proceeds... we're all gawking over an adorable and friendly little penguin when his friend who works at the zoo, Shannon, says let me grab this african fox - you'll love it! She hands me this cuddly little fox and I spy the note... "Jackie, will you marry me?" OMG. WHAT?!?! Actually, I said "ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" as if he would pull an awful prank like that! We were lucky enough to have his friend Jake video the entire thing; notice he was speechless and so was I! I said yes, of course!! 

The next part of our story still warms my heart… This kid got my family there to share the love as we celebrated with dinner and champagne toasts at his sister's house! I mean, c'mon. {Pinch me now} So many tears, so much love, and soooo much excitement for our future! 

These are all pictures from Derek's sister, Grace! Head on over to {her blog} to see more of her awesome photos!
{my family}
{derek's family}
{the friends} 
{he's a keeper}

 Oh, did I mention the ring? Dang. All I have to say is he knows me, he knows my style, and he really hit a home run with his ring choice!

{it has a touch of rose gold… perfection!}

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tricks & treats

One of my favorite holidays :) Tonight I plan on watching all things scary, eating lots of candy, and crossing my fingers for little trick-or-treators in my neighborhood!

On the topic of costumes... This is pretty awesome! 

Last year's Halloween in the office was Pantone color chips, 

this year... WIGS! Simple, yet highly entertaining!