Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day

My Memorial Day weekend was spent in the sun, on a boat, on the lake, skiing and tubing! The way any Memorial or Labor Day weekend should be spent of course! I was a first timer down on Lake Cumberland with the Masur family and it was a wonderful weekend!

*Special thanks to my lovely roommate, Erin's family for inviting me up and treating me as one of their own!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy 20th Birthday Michael!

Today is my lovely little brother's 20th birthday! I can still remember the little chunk-foot of a brother that came into my life when I was 3, obviously selfish, I was surprised that he suddenly got all the attention! Sheesh... new siblings! None the less, I figured out how to turn having a little brother into a lot of fun! This one of the thousands of times I dressed him up and made him "pretty"

 {sorry Michael.... I had to}
Although I can't be there to celebrate today, Michael was kind enough to stop by my apartment this past Friday and I cooked some BBQ chicken, broccoli, and rice for him. (someone has a really awesome sister.....) We sat on my patio, with my new outdoor table, and chatted and listened to music. So happy happy birthday brother Michael! Hope you have a memorable 20th, because 21 is going to be a lot more fun :)


Monday, May 14, 2012

Being able to spend mother's day at home with my mom is so special to me! This year my brother, mom, and I adventured through the metro parks all afternoon and made it home in time for a delicious home-cooked meal from my dad!

I love when the three of us spend time together because my mom is a great story-teller and enjoys telling us stories of when we were younger, things we usually don't remember. This past weekend she told us the story of when my brother, Michael, took his first steps! He was 9 months old and he had just had his bath and my mom and I were sitting on the floor getting him ready for bed. She stood him up on his little feet, which in truth, were not so little – he was actually quite an adorably chunky baby, so much so that apparently I nick-named him chunk-foot! Haha, oh the mind of five-year old! Anywho, he took a few steps towards me and fell into my arms. My mom told me to stand him back up and send him back to her. I did, and so we witnessed his first unsteady baby steps together! 

I really wish I could remember some of these things – I suppose it's sometimes more fun to reminisce about the memories though!

Happy Mother's day Mom! You mean the world to me!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Check List {TGIF}

I haven't posted in forever... mostly because work and life in general have been incredibly busy! Don't get me wrong, it makes me so happy! I've always been a go-go-go type of person and adding things to my long list of to-do's only makes me smile!

Recently I was in Vegas with two of my best friends from home! VEGAS! Wow. Too much fun.  Much needed sun. Time with friends. Fancy drinks. Ohhhh it was just a much needed vacation overall!

Here's a sneak peek of some the adventures we had:

LMFAO {Friday}
DJ Tiesto {Saturday} 
Pool Parties.... all day every day
Big winner at the slot machines {Sami}A whole post of Vegas will follow soon... most likely next week but it will come!
Anywho- it's friday and apparently I was feelin a bit spendy aaaand [drum roll please] I bought a ticket to Bonnaroo!!! Yay! Y
eah... even after my expensive Vegas trip :/ hmm... here you say 'Jackie are you nuts!?' My first music festival though, I had to jump at the opportunity! Oh gosh – and a friend offered a few open hotel rooms for the derby this weekend, so on a whim, I'm headed to Kentucky for the races!!! Woo!! Hence I've decided that 2012 is my check list year... Working and finally having the money and freedom to make big girl decisions about how I spend it may end badly in the future when it boils down to 'how much did you save for retirement' – I say oh well [for now]!! So as I reach for my pen and paper my check list begins, and already I can check off Veags, the Kentucky Derby, and Bonnaroo, all in one year!! Soooo.... more posts to come!! 
So in true southern spirit: