Friday, October 28, 2011

Dress-up time!!!

I'll make any excuse to dress up and be silly and I absolutely love Halloween!!! Last year I was a nerd... not just an ordinary nerd, a nerd complete with rock collection in hand! I stayed in character all night long and it was perfect (if I say so myself!) My roommates probably got annoyed with my strange "nerdy" voice (thank god they put up with me) hahah! 

Exhibit A
The second night (because of course one must dress up both nights)... The seven of us were various mario kart characters—again, we stayed in character all night, which consisted of running around in circles, making funny mario kart noises, and fake banana slipping!

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Therefore, I am hard-pressed to trump last year's adventures!! I cannot tell you what I plan on being tonight or tomorrow... I can only hope it goes well! Check back monday or tuesday for fun photos!!

Yaayy FRIDAY :) Have a SPOOOOKY Halloween weekend all!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Home sweet home

Oh home... my mom sent me this picture of our house all ready for Halloween and it made me miss home a lot! I love that she decorates for every holiday under the sun. Even in college I would get frequent care packages for Valentine's day, St. Patricks Day, etc. full of little things to decorate the dorm or my campus house with! I'm hoping she continues this tradition forever because it makes me smile!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Spontaneity is healthy

Last tuesday Erin heard that Matt Nathanson would be in town at Newport Music Hall :) He is one of my favorite artists and has been since high school when he opened for O.A.R. Naturally when Erin mentioned it casually in conversation, I freaked out and rushed to finish my work so I could get out early and not miss a thing!! Vanessa Carlton opened for him and all together... it was amazing! It was totally spontaneous and I have wanted to see him in concert since... forever!! It made for quite a memorable little adventure!! Hence... on this dreary tuesday morning, a week later, I'm wishing I had something similar to look forward to after work today!

Eee!! He was so great up there jamming with his guitar!!!! :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Busy Weekend

Move in weekend was a success! Well, minus a few dirty blinds, and an unfinished bathroom. Other than that, I am so glad to be at the new place and aside from moving, it was an eventful weekend all around! My good friend Catie came up from Cinci to be my mom/boyfriend and help me move! I am so grateful for my friends... and this weekend I was especially grateful for her :) I also did a lot of things I wouldn't have done with out her there... like hanging a rod in my closet for extra clothes, thrifting some cheap frames and a table to spray paint, and eating at Bodega and Marcella's! Oh yeah — and I can't forget to mention the fall flea!! My first time at a flea market like that, with vintage clothes, little plants, and antiques. 
It was the perfect sunday afternoon.

Catie bought this awesome red scarf from my co-worker, Keli's booth! Super cute!

First time at Marcella's was delightful! We even got a seat next to the window... which I hear is very hard to come by there!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Moving day= Happy day!

I might have mentioned I move this weekend... if not, YAY I do!! ha. I moved to columbus 3-months ago for my job at Limited Brands (Victoria's Secret) and wasn't familiar with the area at all. So my roommate, Erin, and I signed a 3-month lease (near work- Reynoldsburg), so we could familiarize ourselves with Columbus! Living out in Reynoldsburg has been convient, but now we were are moving to the young-professionals area of town! That includes Short North, Victorian Village, Italian Village, and Arena District!! We'll be in the heart of it all and I could not be more excited about it! It will be somewhat of a life-style change, for example we'll be close to where we like to go out, eat out, and shop- so it's all positive changes! 
Like I said... YAYYY!!!! :)

Just a little friday luck on our move — I took these iPhone photos earlier this week right after a crazy rain storm! Enjoy
beautiful rainbow

and wonderful sunset behind me

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


This video was upload about 2 months ago, so feel free to skip over if you've already heard of it and/or seen it, but if you have not seen the series one after the other — you must!!! It's inspiring, beautiful, and absolutely amazing! It makes me want to travel, experience cultures, learn new things, and eat things I wouldn't ordinarily eat! Check out Rick Mereki's fantastic work on Vimeo.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Welcome baby Owen

I got see my brand new baby cousin Sunday afternoon... Owen! He's a doll and he slept cozily in my arms for almost an hour! I posted about my cousin Michelle and her baby shower a month or two ago and he joined us recently... September 26th at 8lbs and all 22 inches of him!! 
Yayy- ain't he a cutie!?!