Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The sexiest night on tv

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is finally here!! AND It's going to be amazing... aka the "sexiest night on television!"

Tonight I get to watch it with co-workers at a fancy little "pink carpet" event here in Columbus! I literally couldn't be more excited!!!!! Also my friend Catie is coming up from Cincinnati to attend the spectacular event as my lovely date! YAY!

Check out this video of Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger" — the VS models lip-sing and have an awesome time dancing like Jagger! It will really pump you up to see them on the runway in t-minus 9 hours!!!! woot woot!!

Also check out VS All Access for info, updates, and the pre-show!

All Smiles

I recently became a pen pal for a third grade student in Columbus and I got my first letter today! I can't stop smiling about it — its just too cute!!

He wrote... and I quote:
dare jaiekie thank you fou holping us lern you rock fou holping us 
you are smart you are cool you are fancey

Ohhhh kids are adorable! And I love that little Ian thinks I am so smart, cool, and "fancey"!!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Gobble gobble gobble

Thanksgiving at home was simply divine! I love spending time with my family... especially over a delicious meal!
My baby Nikki!

THE BEST: Christmas Ale before dinner

salad, turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and corn bread= perfect turkey day meal!

finish it off with peanut butter pie YUMMY

Love that I am near the lake at home... its beautiful no matter the weather!

Decorating before heading back to Columbus!

Dad, Michael, and Mom
Did you have a fulfilling Thanksgiving!? What were you thankful for?
 First, I am so incredibly thankful for my family and friends :) 
Second, I am thankful for my college experience that led me to an amazing job right after graduation!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fall time fun

This past weekend was a whirl-wind of fun adventures... a friend from college visited me this weekend, Kelsey! Another friend from UD, Courtney, came over to hang out with us and we had wonderful conversations over lots of wine... we nearly forgot to go out! Saturday we bopped around and ended up at tail-gate that Courtney's boyfriend (also a friend from UD!) put together! It was a lot fun! Kelsey and I had to leave early in time to make it to (co-worker/friend) Krysti's thanksgiving dinner! YUM :) Nothing like a pre-thanksgiving feast with friends! 
Oh and I cannot forget to mention the addition of her lovely blog button to my page — CHECK IT OUT! She's pretty inspired ;)

Oh my... and on Sunday I almost bought a puppy... until I took a step back and decided to think on what a huge responsibility that would be for me right now... still thinking. But right now I'm thinking might have to go back for Dori's precious little face... eek!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Currently on the quest to find the perfect NYE dress! 

Where can I find these!?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Pause for inspiration and pure jealousy 
(or amazement, awe, love, envy, joy.... adjectives for these wonderful pictures are endles...)

Dance is truly an amazing sport and way of life! I danced from about age 3 until almost 20 — at 23 I really miss it! I miss the lifestyle, the constant movement, the passion, the pain of rehearsals but the pure joy of performing all that hard work!!! This post goes out to a special group of ladies... my dancing family — CAD GIRLS from Emjaez Dance Studio in Cleveland Ohio! Most of us are in such different places now... but they will always be family! There are a few are still dancing!! I am so proud of all of you!!!

Rock on girls :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday blues...

I had such a wonderful weekend with my friends! My favorite was Saturday... we went on a beautiful walk on High Street and window shopped after breakfast at Northstar Cafe (yum!). We caught the end of the Ohio State game with some bloody marys at Bernards Tavern, then drove around for a bit so they could see the other highlights of Columbus! We went to dinner for margaritas and more mexican... and after we met up with some new friends on campus!!

Margaret, Sam, Alyssa, me, Catie, and Sarah

Lovely fall walk & drinks!
Night #2 :)
The birthday girls
Strong Margaritas @ Mad Mex!!
Reason #3824 why I love my roommates/friends!!!!
Just up to the usual shenanigans stealing inanimate objects from bars...
This is Brett... right Alyssa!?

Ohhhh yes. It was just wonderful to have them all in one spot again!!!
 I love you all and thanks for visiting!!
 Missing you guys already Xo

Friday, November 11, 2011

A wonderful B-day

My birthday was this past Tuesday and I turned to 23 :) 
So many people made it so special... I really, REALLY appreciate my friends and family!!

Co-workers decorated my desk and the whole VS Creative Marketing Team sent me flowers (that are now on my desk, making me smile all day long). Friends came out for margaritas and fun after work. My roommate, Erin, surprised me with a blender and we finally got to try the infamous Margi-daiquiri-screw-alotta-on-the-beach!!!! Ha. Yes I am the type to get super excited for standard kitchen appliances! My mom sent me wonderful little gifts and I got good wishes and pretty cards from family members!!

Thanks to everyone who made 23 feel extra special! Xo


VS angel-style birthdayyy

And now that it is Friday... my birthday celebrations continue... YAY! All 5 of my college roommates are coming to town to celebrate :) We will also celebrate Sarah's 23rd birthday on the 13th! So many fun adventures lie ahead of me for the weekend.. and it's almost time to leave work! 

Ps. It's 11.11.11 — supposed to be a lucky day... make a wish!
Happy Friday All!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hipstamatic of Cali

California was a dream! I got in on Friday to the San Francisco airport, my cousin Kc picked me up and we went straight to her class! I haven't been in a classroom since April, and it made me miss school just a little bit! Friday evening we got margaritas to celebrate my birthday and the waiter brought over one too many shots for me — yikes! After, we went to her friends' house for a party! Naturally, people were surprised I was from Ohio and were confused as to why I was visiting Sonoma State for fun!

Saturday, we spent several hours at little cafe called Redwood. The food was delicious and once again we splurged on a little something special... chocolate cake.. to celebrate my birthday (again... I think we just kept telling ourselves it was a weekend for splurging!) We walked around a bit and went to an adorable vintage shop, where we shopped a bit and headed back to her house to get ready to go out! We went to the main bar on campus with her roommate and some friends, it was a lot of fun!!

Sunday was one of my favorite days, because I got to see a lot of San Francisco! It's amazingly beautiful and standing near the Golden Gate bridge is seriously inspiring!!! We walked around Haight Street, which we were told is must see and it was a fun place to shop around. We ate in little Italy at one of San Francisco's bestttt restaurants (I can't currently remember the name). I ate so much, the ride back to Sonoma was very uncomfortable!!

Here's my recap in my new favorite app Hipstamatic

Thank you so so much for your hospitality Kc!!! 
I love you dearly and I can't wait to see you for Christmas!!! <3

Friday, November 4, 2011

Layover {Denver, CO}

I love flying... well any type of traveling adventure for that matter! Just landed in Denver for my hour and a half layover and after walking around for a bit, I decided to blog! My computer is one of the smartest things I packed for this short stay in Sonoma. I'm not the greatest at packing, which is somewhat ironic for my love of travel — you think I would have it down pat... but maybe that comes with more experience. I have traveled a lot in my 22 years (almost 23... eeek!) but not nearly as much as I would like. So maybe I will soon learn to pack efficiently :)

One of my college roommates, Sarah, visited me a little over a week ago for a Saturday afternoon before her race in Columbus. We took a walk through Goodale Park (about a block from my apartment) and these are some lovely fall photos that make me smile from that day.

New apartment—photos to come of inside (once my room is complete)

Hiiii Sarah!!!

Beautiful fall colors against the red brick

Can't help but photograph flowers

Lovely sun effect

Goodale Park

Small cherub??

Makes you stop and think... doesn't it?

Just stalking an adorable couple


Pretty ivy
And now off to San Francisco!!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I love fall and especially November for various reasons...
1. It's my birthday on the 8th :)
2. The leaves change more in Nov. than October (I think)
2. Thanksgiving (yummy food!!!) & family fun
3. People start decorating for Christmas
4. Christmas is only a month away

I made this little background to keep some of the lovely fall colors indoors

Today I'm excited for my trip to California this weekend to visit my lovely cousins! Last time I went to visit Meghan for her birthday in January and this time I am treating myself to visit Kc in Sonoma (where she goes to school) for my birthdayy!!! Super excited!! :)

(but they're out of my price range) — how cute are they!?

Found here

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween fun

Friday we found out our fancy little pumpkins we decorated for the contest at work, WON!! They were modeled after the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show from last year...


Friday night my roommate, Erin, and our friend Melyssa who just started 2 weeks ago at Victoria's Secret (congrats- glad to have you here!!!) were the 3 blind mice! For throwing it together that evening after work, it was quite successful! We had to saw a few branches off the tree outside our apartment in order to have walking sticks (with my mini saw… ha. Dangerous!). People knew exactly what we were though!!

Saturday we got all dressed up like the four seasons (Catie was here too!!) and it was super cute! Unfortunately we got dressed for nothing  :( and didn’t go out- but here’s the only pic I took to document our clever little costumes!

spring - summer - fall - winter

And Monday for work, we all dressed up for our morning meeting to surprise our boss — well the joke was on us because he came in just as the meeting started wearing this lion costume!!! It was perfect timing and extremely well played!

What were you this Halloween?! Start planning for next year :)