Friday, July 20, 2012


{the small area of land just hoping to be a garden in my backyard}

{yes, it was quite sad - but see the potential!?}

{and voila! a garden}

{some herbs on the left and my new found love on the right, a gnome!}

{i love all the colors and the easy maintenance of pots}
{I've been watering daily and the plants seem to be quite happy... I'm doing something right!}

It was my lovely mother who drove down to Columbus for a short visit to help me plan and plant this little garden, so intern I figured I must cook her something delicious! We had some rice, Cajun chicken, and mango & avocado salsa. Of course we also had a glass of wine! It was all so delicious and we had quite a nice atmosphere with the new garden and some pretty flowers on my little patio table. Last weekend was wonderful.

Enjoy the one ahead – happy Friday :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Currently Reading...

Listen up all you twenty-somethings : I've recently picked up an amazing book, called "The Defining Decade." I am all about living for the moment but there's a part of me that wants some insight into the future. I enjoy being spontaneous, but I also like plans. Confused? Me too. I'm not sure where my career will take me, or what I really want to be doing for that matter. I know where I would like to live, but I wonder where will I end up. This book is inspiring and motivating. I am not done with it just yet, but I find every story within is very relatable. From our personality to our style, from our career path to our social life – this book is helping me to better understand the changes I am going through in my twenties and how to make the most of them! Need just one more reason to pick it up? The cover – I mean come on! It really pleases my eye; it's clean, simple, and has the perfect amount of color and white space.

Enough preaching! Check out an article with the author on USA Today as to why YOU should read it! Oh and while we're on the topic of our twenties... if you're not up to a whole novel, you should read this short blog post about living it up in your twenties!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fancy Friends #3

Let me tell you something... I have some really awesome friends! Yes, yes, let me brag a bit cause they're really great, I swear it! You may remember, last year I blogged about a couple of my "fancy friends" in different posts, but recall my two friends who made a cookbook together in "fancy friends #2"? Well the designer from that endeavor has started a little something I'd like to brag about cause it's super neat!

Meet Adam:

But they start out like this:

The next step kind of look like this:

And then they turn out a little something like this:

I think it might be a little more interesting and informative from his perspective so I asked him to tell us about his process: "I start every piece the same: I roughen up the wood, paint it, stain it, paint it, then stain it again. I've discovered a unique painting technique that enables me to achieve the 'vintage look' that I've been embracing. I then work with the purchaser to design exactly what they're looking for; whether that's colors, city information, or a completely custom design." 
"I print the design and match it to a piece of 'vintage wood' that I think will work best. Next, I do a matte medium transfer of the print to the wood, and once that's finished I seal it. Then I draw on it, or use marker, or I paint it, or spray paint, and I sometimes use stencils. I then add on some final details to make the composition more dynamic and give the piece more depth. Lastly, I put a final gloss seal on it and ship it off to my (hopefully) happy customer via the pony express."

How's that for a process? Sounds fun, doesn't it? They look really awesome, and watching him make a couple was interesting and really inspired me. When I asked him why he was embarking on this little business adventure, he said "It lets me explore and create by instinct, and not so much design principle learned in school, although I believe it does influence a lot of my aesthetic decisions. I have fun playing with mixing the different mediums to figure out how they interact and the different effects you can achieve with them. It's exciting because even if someone orders a design that's on that site or one I've already done, every single one is different. I learn something new with every print, and it keeps the process interesting."

Now that you know allllll about Adam's schtuff you need to check it out, design one, and order yourself or a friend one!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dream Angels

Another floorset I worked on here at VS, just launched today! 
How beautiful does Lindsay Ellingson look in this email sent out today!?

Monday, July 9, 2012


I'm loving these colors! I repined a cute little outfit board onto my "Brazil 2012" pintrest board {yes, I feel the need to pin really awesome stuff in anticipation of my adventure} and I just fell in love with the combo! It sparked some inspiration, so I did a quick little illustrator file to make me smile. What are your current faves!?

As for my weekend, it was definitely a hot one and I somehow managed to stay outdoors for most of it. From the pool, to a barbecue, to the bars, and back to the pool — it was a wonderful weekend regardless of the heat!

Monday, July 2, 2012


I came across this photo on tumblr last week and thought "I totally need this shirt!" Hahaha! Luckily this week should go by decently fast - with no work on wednesday and friends visiting for the fourth. YAY. Try and enjoy this monday :)