Wednesday, July 18, 2012

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Listen up all you twenty-somethings : I've recently picked up an amazing book, called "The Defining Decade." I am all about living for the moment but there's a part of me that wants some insight into the future. I enjoy being spontaneous, but I also like plans. Confused? Me too. I'm not sure where my career will take me, or what I really want to be doing for that matter. I know where I would like to live, but I wonder where will I end up. This book is inspiring and motivating. I am not done with it just yet, but I find every story within is very relatable. From our personality to our style, from our career path to our social life – this book is helping me to better understand the changes I am going through in my twenties and how to make the most of them! Need just one more reason to pick it up? The cover – I mean come on! It really pleases my eye; it's clean, simple, and has the perfect amount of color and white space.

Enough preaching! Check out an article with the author on USA Today as to why YOU should read it! Oh and while we're on the topic of our twenties... if you're not up to a whole novel, you should read this short blog post about living it up in your twenties!

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