Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tricks & treats

One of my favorite holidays :) Tonight I plan on watching all things scary, eating lots of candy, and crossing my fingers for little trick-or-treators in my neighborhood!

On the topic of costumes... This is pretty awesome! 

Last year's Halloween in the office was Pantone color chips, 

this year... WIGS! Simple, yet highly entertaining!

Monday, October 7, 2013

The Franklin Conservatory

I had a fancy little date at the conservatory last week to see this fantastic light exhibit by Bruce Munro. Derek and I knew about it from our last visit to the Franklin Conservatory and I immediately put it on my to-do list. For my columbus friends, this is a must see! That field of light... it's so peaceful to sit and watch the slow pulse of the color-changing lights!

Read more about it { here }.
{ i love this place }

{ Light Shower }

{ Beacon }

{ Field of Light }

{ maybe we should get more pictures together... ha }

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fancy Friends

I had the pleasure of chatting with this lovely gal last week. She is about to embark on a serious mission. Laura was accepted into the Peace Corps earlier this year and shipped off to Costa Rica in July. It is now time for her to go to her site assignment location where the real business starts! Much less internet time and staying in-touch with her for the rest of us, but it sounds like it will be an amazing 2 years! 

I should probably start planning my trip now... who's with me?! 

Safe travels on your wonderful journey little miss Getzy :)

Follow her adventure { HERE } !!!