Friday, December 21, 2012


At the office, almost everyone makes, bakes, or creates a little something for fellow co-workers ((ok so some people buy stuff as well - but hey, Christmas time is the perfect time to try all those adorable Pintrest things you've been dying to do!))

 Last year I attempted the red velvet cake pops; other than not staying on the sticks, they were quite delicious! 

This year I tried cookie dough bites from Pintrest!

I think it's safe to say most folks like to eat the cookie dough during the baking process. I know my brother and I would always sneak a few bites when we embarked on our annual Christmas cookie bake-a-ton. ((yeah. just dubbed it that mom, sorry)) Which, this year I sadly had to miss out on because we're getting our kitchen redone and thus no-baking or cooking until December 24th. Before the holidays, are you nuts? I asked my mom the same thing. She's nearly at her wits end, but I pray it will be done for Christmas eve, or we'll have to resort to take-out. YUCK. I love my tradition Christmas meal, surrounded by my mom's entire family. It's the coziest, most cramped meal of the season and I LOVE IT :)

What are some of your favorite Holiday traditions?

Happy Friday - Have a lovely weekend!

((PS. I made this photo with type over it straight on my phone - the app is called TYPIC - download it!
You won't regret it! OH, and it's free))

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


How clever? Evan Robertson, the artist, has been underlining quotes in novels that really spoke to him for sometime now. It's through these illustrations where the type and the graphics interact to bring the writer's words to life. I absolutely love these!

{ More herehere }

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Etsy Love

In Chicago this weekend, I got to go to the Etsy One Of A Kind show on sunday before our long drive home! It was fantastic. I went mostly to see my coworker in the show; she's got her stuff on : {}. It's so wonderful!

Speaking of Etsy... What unique christmas presents! Necklace for mom, iPhone case for brother, leather wallet for dad? It's all there! And for me? Umm... any of it!!

Here's what I'm currently loving :)

Friday, December 7, 2012

Fashion Show Viewing Party

Another successful VS Fashion Show Viewing party ya'll! This year we held the viewing party at Sway, which is a new swanky little place – just a hop, skip, & a jump away from your typical Park St. scene. It was extra special though, because I got to help plan! Ohhhh how I love fancy events, fancy drinks, fancy dresses, fancy foods, and fancy dance moves (duh). Oh and my fancy friend Adam was our photographer {member him...} YEP! It was a good show and a great time!

This weekend I will be Chicago bound for some December festivities with my college roommates. Tis the season for T-BoX; See you soon Chi-town :)

Happy Friday!! 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fashion Show!

Make sure to tune into CBS tonight at 10PM to check out the sexiest night on television :)

Also, check out the pre-show and the VS All Access page by clicking on the image above!