Monday, August 27, 2012


{found this gem on a little plaque in a restaurant bathroom}

It is down-pouring outside my office window right now! I don't hate it though, I know my plants especially needed it after a hot weekend! Hope your monday is a little sunnier than mine!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

So long Cincinnati

I went to Cincinnati this past weekend to celebrate Catie's new job (she moves to Cleveland this week) and to celebrate her last weekend in Cinci, where she's been for almost a year. It crossed my mind the other day that after Alyssa moves, I will have no reason to visit Cinci again! And as I typed this post yesterday, Alyssa had not yet accepted a job, nor made official plans to move – but as of today, she is officially moving to Chicago! It's so weird the way our lives change because of where our friends are, or the changes and decisions they make.

Anywho, it was a fun weekend: Karaoke Saturday night and fun activities all day Sunday. A great way for her to say "soooo long Cincinnati, till we meet again!" Looks like now, Alyssa also needs a 'sayonara cinci' weekend!
{Market entertainment}
{Renting bikes by the River}

So this little post is honor of Alyssa & Catie getting new jobs, furthering their careers, moving to a new city, and new adventures to come! So proud of all of my friends :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Family Reunion 2012

My family reunion was at the end of July in Hocking Hills (OH). That was almost a month ago... It was so fun to have a little get-away with every one. All 20-something of us crammed into a cabin, lots of games, activities, food, dancing, laughter, and memories.

Here are some of the highlights
{Mesa Vista Lodge}

{Sarah & Emma}

{Saturday night dance party on the deck... we're reallllyyy good dancers... HA}

{game time}

{Boys VS Girls... guess who won}

{My Mom & Carrie}

{Brother Michael & Beth}

{Zip-Line TIME}

{being silly on a hike}

{the littlest one in the Owen clan... his name being Owen of course}

{Last day canoe trip}
 It may sound cliche, but my family is such an amazing group of people and I am so blessed!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Here & There

I have been seriously neglecting my blog the past two weeks. So not okay! Work just got busy and my weekends were filled with concerts and adventures! I have been here and there, flying by the seat of my pants and just going with the flow!

The weekend before last, I celebrate one of my college roommate's birthday in Cinci and then cam home sunday to attempt to go to a concert. my roommate Erin and I scalped tickets to Luke Bryan & Jason Aldean. Not knowing a ton of their songs, I was surprised at how awesome Luke Bryan was live! Same with Aldean of course, but c'mon Luke sings my fave country song "Country Girl (Shake it for me)." It was so much fun and my first ticket scalping experience was a success... I would totally do it again!

Then, last weekend was the Summer Fest concert at Lifestyles Community Pavilion, a smaller outdoor venue. I saw; The Lumineers, Ben Kweller, Tanlines, and Metric. All of which I have only recently begun to listen to and I highly recommend them all :)

And they were all so amazing live! 
{we also kind of sort of snuck into My Morning Jacket Sunday evening.... shhh}

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Blog Swap

Hello Everyone! I'm Nadine from Hello, Tigerface and I wanted to share with you one of my favourite childhood summer holiday (or "vacation"). So I hope you enjoy this little post and enjoy a few snaps of my childhood.

Blackpool is a seaside town in North England and in the right weather can be a great place to spend your summer holiday :) It has loads of things to do there; like going up to the top of Blackpool tower:
Looks like the Eiffel Tower but not as high!

It's also got those machines where you can grab nice cuddly toys:

It has some pretty sweet rides:
A little me riding a fire truck :)

That's my Nana and cousin :)

You can get some nice Rock dummies and Candyfloss:

And finally, Blackpool gives you good candid photo ops, like this:

I'm in the yellow :)

Thanks for reading and thank you Jackie for having me! Come visit me and say hi! Also, if you have time enter my Giveaway: Only a few days left!

Looks like a ton of fun! I've never been to England, and would love to go one day! Check out my favorite vaca over on Nadine's blog!! She's got a ton of stuff to check out, and a couple of super neat give-aways too! Thanks for sharing Nadine <3 font="font">

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Columbus Color Run '12

Two weekends ago, Erin, Sarah, my cousin Beth, and I ran in the Columbus Color Run. It was so much fun!! It was as colorful and hilarious as it looks! I didn't think I would be able to run the whole thing (yes, it's only 3.1 miles) because I am not much of a runner! I did train a little bit for it, definitely not seriously though. We all ran the whole thing :) I'm really proud of us newbs! My cousin and Sarah have both run other 5ks, but this was a first for Erin and I! Yippie!

{before & after}

{Color throws happened every 15 minutes!!!}
Check out the website to see when you can sign up for a Color Run in your home-town!
It truly is the happiest 5k on the planet!