Thursday, September 13, 2012

What if everything was digital...

I came across this innovative company called PUSH, in California. The name is a great fit because they really push the boundaries of aligning fresh design and interactive technology. The project I found most fun & creative was their Toyota Pruis marketing.

It only got me thinking about how close marketing is to becoming a full on digital experience. I visited Easton to check out their newly re-opened and updated Victoria's Secret store as well as Express. At Victoria's Secret, the windows are screens that display images and type and same with some in-store beauty marketing. Thus replacing the printed windows and sticker-like transflexes they used to have. Express now has TVs outside of the store that continually play the most recent fashion show, and inside, there are ipads that allow you to interact with some of the product and watch other fashion displays. It's exciting and scary at the same time for some one like me who loves print design and works with it daily! Obviously it would be a slow process if digital were to replace printed marketing all together, and most still enjoy a well designed and eye-catching direct mail piece, but what if everything does go digital....

I would certainly be out of a job, or I would need to brush-up on my web skills... yikes! 

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