Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The move & life after...

Upon moving into my new house, I immediately started work on my closet. My closet, by the way, is ginormous! It's like an additional bedroom. Oh, did I mention I have the attic room? It's a good size compared to my last bedroom, so the extra space is much appreciated! The closet work, pictured below, shows the transformation from blue to antique white. It is much more comfortable and homey! That handsome helper is my boyfriend Derek. He was eager to help out and it's always more fun to tackle a project like this with someone!

Anywho, it has been a few weeks now and the three of us are almost completely moved in! Last night, Erin, Courtney, and I had our first roommate dinner. Courtney fired up the grill and we drank wine and had a fantastic little meal on the back deck! I'm excited to finally be in-town this weekend to really break in the new house!

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